17 April 2021

Finish and partial wip parade

 I finished knitting a dress and hat for Sadie.

I took her to lunch on my birthday and my friends adore her.

I've made good progress on Pirta.  I've finished the body and one sleeve, and started the second sleeve.

I tried it on after I'd finished the body and I'm happy with the fit.

This week I've been spending half an hour a day on the Modular Inlay Wrap.  I've nearly finished the next long triangle at the side.

I"ve decided to work on my main shawl every other day so quite a bit of progress has been made on Free the Fade

I'm onto the last colour.  The colour changes won't be evenly distributed as I ran out of 2 of the colours before their length was completed, however I'm not worried as the aim was to use up the leftover yarn.

I haven't made much progress on my socks and I haven't worked on the blanket for a while so I won't post any pictures.  However by the next time I post I hope to have finished my latest vanilla socks.

5 April 2021

40th anniversary, wips, finishes and haul

 On 3 April 1981 I arrived in New Zealand, emigrating from England.  On Saturday I celebrated the 40 year anniversary with friends that I made in September that year when I started work at the Health Department.  

One of my friends, Colleen, had organised a beautiful cake for me.  We had lunch at The Malt followed by yummy cake.

Isn't that cake beautiful?

On to knitting.  I finished a hat.  This is Incandescent from the Strands of Joy book.

My LYS, Loopine Wool co started a MAL for animal toys.  I've never knitted a toy so decided to give it a try.   I made Sadie Souris from Cinthia Designs.

The pattern comes with a wardrobe.  I am making her a dress.

I thought of giving her as a gift, but the girl is only 2 years old and I'm thinking it won't get the love it needs.  Really I just want Sadie for myself!.  I've really enjoyed knitting her.

On to WIPS.  No blanket or modular inlay this time, I havent touched them.  

My Pirta Cardigan from Strands of Joy is coming along nicely.  I've started the colourwork at the bottom.

My shawl has progressed a bit.  I've just started the 3rd colour (out of 5)

Vanilla socks, I think I've done a little bit since last time.

And Bubbles down the drain is moving along.

On to Haul.

I've had a couple of purchases.  I bought 52 weeks of socks and another Pompom magazine.

I visited Knitnstitch for some needles and cables, but of course didn't stop there.

I also bought Cocoknit opening stitch markers and ring stitch markers and 2 balls of Baby Bandit for toy knitting and Donegal 4 ply, probably for socks.

21 March 2021

A finish, 2 cast ons and an Epic Sale haul

 I finished my Astrid socks.

Happy with these.  The pattern was very easy to memorise.

I cast on another pair of socks.  These are Bubbles down the drain by Very Pink Knits.
Another cast on is Free your Fade by Andrea Mowry.  This is a shawl I am making using leftovers from my So Faded jumper.  It is a triangle shawl that starts narrow and will gradually get wider.  Very easy knitting.  This will use all 5 colours, I've started on the second colour.

Progress on other knitting

Incandescent Hat.  Folded hem is done and started on the colourwork.

Pirta Cardigan.  Progress on the yoke.  Slow progress.  I can do about 2 rows in an hour.

Vanilla socks, heading towards the cuff.

Just a little progress on Habitation throw.  I have reached the halfway point and am now decreasing.

Modular Inlay shawl.  I've now done the bright pink triangles on both sides and added a long grey section.
Skeinz had their Epic Sale that I believe they have every March.  I bought heaps.  Enough for 5 sweaters/cardigans and 1 shawl.

6 March 2021

2 finishes, wips, acquisitions

 I finished my So Faded jumper by Andrea Mowry

I started this on 1 January and finished on 28 February.  It was an easy knit and I'm very happy with how it turned out.  For more info, refer to my Ravelry project page.

I also finished my Egidia cowl. Design by Vintage Purls.

I love the Fair Isle work on this, and the colours.

On to my WIPs.

I started the Pirta cardigan, from the Strands of Joy book.  The garter stitch is the collar.  I've made a start on the yoke , including the colour work and I've almost finished my first row of nupps (bobbles).
Another new start is the Incandescent Hat, also from the Strands of Joy.  The bright green is the provisional cast on.
More progress on the Modular Inlay Wrap.  both long sides are added, and 2 bright pink triangles added to one side.
More progress on the Habitation Throw.  I'm now at the half way mark and ready to start decreasing.  The arrow shows where I was last post.
No progress on the vanilla socks this fortnight
Progress on the Astrid socks.  Ready to start the colourwork at the top of leg.
I've had some thoughts on how to organise my knitting.  Ive been using a roulette wheel app to decide what to knit each day.  In the evenings I concentrate on a garment and one other project.  I've decided to  be a bit more specific on what to knit on certain days.

So these will be;
Sunday: Show some Love
Monday: Just finish it
Wednesday: Sock it to me
Friday:  Cast on all the things.

So Sunday will be something that hasn't had a lot of attention on the previous week.
Monday will be something that I am close to finishing
Wednesday, spin the wheel for socks only
Friday, if there's something I want to cast on, then cast it on.  However no more than 9 projects on my needles.  Otherwise a normal spin day.

I had some acquisitions.  Loopine have a dyer of the month.  I really want to try dyers I haven't tried before, plus I want to support local industry.  So this month was a new to me dyer, Dyestock.  Also I needed some needles and cables for the Incandescent hat.

And because over $100 is free shipping, I threw in a mini skein from Tseba yarns.

Yesterday was the start of Skeinz epic sale that they have every March.  I bought 50 balls for 5 different garments.  Saved  $140.  Waiting excitedly for the parcel to arrive.