Fabric stash

I have a fabric stash on Pattern Review however I have to click on the link to see how the length of fabric.  Here I can see at a glance how much I have of each fabric.
Total in stash:21

Bengaline, wheat.  1.5m x 148cm $20.99 Spotlight

Spots and Stripes pinspot, Duckegg - cotton.  3m x 112cm $22.47. Spotlight.  For Chai dress or BHL Anna dress.   Washed

Polyester wool.  Centrepoints fabric  $20 2m x 150cm
Light denim.  Indigo floral cut out., Spotlight 2.5m x 143cm $45. 61% cotton, 39% polyester. For shirt dress - Bonn? Chai? Penny? Beausoleil.  Washed

Merino. Morelands 1.5m $19.  For long sleeve Laundry Day T or Hepburn turtleneck ITS

Dark pink polyester linen look.  Smart Dress 2m $15.90.  for Vogue top 9004.

Light pink polyester linen look.  1m Smart Dress fabric $7.95 for Vogue 9004, use with dark pink above.  Or use both linens for Beausoleil dress

Navy blue lightweight knit.  Moreland 1.5m $15.  For Lisbon cardi

Ponte.   Lightweight for a ponte? Double sided.  Moreland 2.5m $33.73.  For Vogue 9227, use black contrast for under panel and side yoke?  Use with blue ponte for Heather dress by SOI or Lola dress by Victory patterns, or colour blockITS sweatshirt

Viscose.  Smart Dress  $3.5m x 145cm $27.83.  For Chalk and Notch Fringe dress   Fringe is WIP, used 1.75m

1.75m x 145cm remains.  Check to see if enough for Anna BHL .  Is enough for a Sirena..  NOt enough for Anz, still check Anna and Sirena.  Enough for a Fringe top


Floral Painted Cotton Sateen Black 127 cmFloral Painted Cotton Sateen Black 127 cm  3m  Spotlight $10. For Vogue dress.  Or get the Laneway pattern or Marbella.

Floral Slub Linen Knit Yellow 148 cmFloral Slub Linen Knit Yellow 148 cm 1.5m Spotlight $8.75  Lisbon cardi.

Mosaic Rayon Blue & White 114 cmMosaic Rayon Blue & White 114 cm  2m Spotlight $7.35. for chalk and notch fringe top.  see misc folder for cutting layout

Cotton sateen. Spotlight 3m x 127cm $24.  Ha
ve done a preview and lekala 4531 needs just 2.2mOr Sirena needs 2.75m
Is it too much for a dress?  Maybe Beausoleil top needs 1.5m, enough over for a skirt.

Ponte light blue.  Spotlight 3m $12  1.8m $6.  For stylearc Barb pants.  Or match with black ponte for Heather Dress SOI, or Lola Dress, Victory patterns or ITS sweatshirt

Crinkly knit, stripey colours. 3m Hospice shop $3.24.
For 5/16 #130

or 10/16 115. needs 2.45x140

Looks like a polyester.  5m,  2.5m Hospice Shop. $5.40.  $2.70

kaftan dress 7.15 #122b needs 2.2m. enough left over for also kaftan from 4/16 108b
Or Pajamas 1/17 110 and 111. pants 2m, top 1.75m

Terrible photo.  Lacy effect paisley pattern. 1.3m Hospice Shop $1.
  Could use for this lace top from 5/16 114a. Lining needs 1m

Polyester. Spotlight $8.40. $4.40  2m.  1.1m x 140cm Washed
Could use with knit for 2/16 103, see above.  Or could use for nightdress 5/2016 #113
Could use for pj shorts from 12/16 110 .  requires .7mx138

Sweater knit. 140cmx2m
Spotlight $2.14.  Make sweatshirt top 111 from 2/17 BS

Polyester. Spotlight 4m   2mx 148 $16 $8

Miscellaneous Fabric

Satin. The Fabric Store  4m $20.  for lining.  Used some for suede biker jacket

Hospice shop. Tubular rib knit, for hem/sleeves on sweatshirt/jackets etc. 1.25m $3.  Is a mauve not purple.

Comic Book Fabric.  1m  Spotlight $6.72

Pink Cotton Mull. $4 SmartDress fabrics, 1.3mx115cm
Remnants - costs included in previous garments.  Not included in stash total
Stretch Denim - .65 metre

Cotton, 1m x150cm.

 Hospice shop.  2m x 150 $5.  For trousers or skirt.  Has slight stretch.  Probably Barb pants.  Made Barb pants.  .75 remaining

Stretch Remanants can be used for 12/16 117 nightdress and #116 sleep tank.  Uses strips of fabric so can mix and match.WIP, note have cami sleep top cut out in camphor chest.

For woven remnants these 2 from 9/16
 101 requires .9 x 145cm, this includes bias facing, so could use something else for bias.  Could lower neckline so don't need invisible zip, aka sorbetto

122, needs .8x135 for main fabric, and .85x140 for shoulder and back yoke contrast.  Contrast could be less as this includes bias facings from contrast

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