Fabric stash

This page lets me see at a glance what fabric I have and what patterns I want it for.
Total in stash:9

sweatshirting. 2m x 150 Morelands Fabric $16.  For ITS Jacqueline Hoodie - without the hood.

Cotton/spandex. Spotlight 2.5m x 148cm $52.48 - for Moneta or Love Notions Olympia. Style Arc slip on Suzie - faux wrap. Raise neckline or need top under it. Cake patterns Tiramisu - 60 reviews onPR

Spots and Stripes pinspot, Duckegg - cotton.  3m x 112cm $22.47. Spotlight.  For ITS ANza dress, or Megan Nielsen Matilda shirt dress.   Washed

Polyester wool.  Centrepoints fabric  $20, 2m x 150cm.  For ITS Brasov wrap
Light denim.  Indigo floral cut out., Spotlight 2.5m x 143cm $45. 61% cotton, 39% polyester. For shirt dress - Bonn? Chai? Beausoleil. Style Arc Patricia Rose, style arc italia shirt dress - for denim/linen, or Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges. Washed

Navy blue lightweight knit.  Moreland 1.5m $15.  ForITS Visby

Ponte.   Lightweight for a ponte? Double sided.  Moreland 2.5m $33.73. About 1 m remaining$14

Floral Painted Cotton Sateen Black 127 cmFloral Painted Cotton Sateen Black 127 cm  3m  Spotlight $10. For skirts - Vientiane and my first skirt make.  Or a bomber jacket, or SOI Zoe slightly fitted princess seam dress or Colette Phoebe

Floral Slub Linen Knit Yellow 148 cmFloral Slub Linen Knit Yellow 148 cm 1.5m Spotlight $8.75  Lisbon cardi.

Cotton sateen. Spotlight 3m x 127cm $24.  For skirts Vientiane or SOI vintage shirt - use on bottom with white broderie anglaise top or Colette Phoebe

Fabrics not keen on - why did I buy???????
Quantity - 6

Crinkly knit, stripey colours. 3m Hospice shop $3.24.

Looks like a polyester.  5m,  2.5m Hospice Shop. $5.40.  $2.70

Terrible photo.  Lacy effect paisley pattern. 1.3m Hospice Shop $1.

Polyester. Spotlight $8.40. $4.40  2m.  1.1m x 140cm Washed

Sweater knit. 140cmx2m
Spotlight $2.14.  Uvita

Polyester. Spotlight 4m   2mx 148 $16 $8
rCould use in bottom of shirt dress or Anza, Fringe or Tessuti Felicia

Miscellaneous Fabric

Satin. The Fabric Store  4m $20.  for lining.  Used some for suede biker jacket

Hospice shop. Tubular rib knit, for hem/sleeves on sweatshirt/jackets etc. 1.25m $3.  Is a mauve not purple.

Comic Book Fabric.  1m  Spotlight $6.72

Pink Cotton Mull. $4 SmartDress fabrics, 1.3mx115cm
Remnants - costs included in previous garments.  Not included in stash total
Stretch Denim - .65 metre

Black ponte, approx 1m remaining.

Blue ponte approx .75 x 150
Cotton, 1m x150cm.

 Hospice shop.  2m x 150 $5.  For trousers or skirt.  Has slight stretch.  Probably Barb pants.  Made Barb pants.  .75 remaining

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