2016 finishes

Machine Embroidered and quilted bag
used .9m $4

Made from left over fabric $0  win!

Rayon from SmartDress Fabrics 2.5m x140cm $25.  Needed 2m

Rayon from Spotlight $54 3.5m x 135, used all of it
Cotton from SmartDress Fabrics $12.50.  2.5m x 150, needed 1.5m

2.5mx150cm $32.38 Smartdress

Kwik Sew 3766.  T shirt fabric from Geoff's Emporium,  $27 for 3 m x 150.  Little bit left over.
Kwik Sew 3766.  Floral ITY from Hospice Shop  $3 for 1m x 150
Burdastyle 7/16 115.  Poplin from Spotlight 3m x (114?).  $19.54


burdastyle-716-114 Shirting fabric from Hospice shop 1.5m x 150cm $5
Hardanger  Pattern from a Burda magazine

Newsboy cap. Leftover fabric. Cost $0

Other side of reversible newsboy cap.  Leftover fabric. 
Cost $0

Emzed foldover clutch/crossbody bag.  Leftover fabric, cost $0

BurdaStyle 6/16 105b
2.5x150cm from SmartDress fabrics $14.88.  Only needed 1.9m

BurdaStyle 8/15 111AB
2mx150cm poly suiting from the fabric store, otara $8

Burdastyle 12/15 116a
2mx150cm from SmartDress fabrics $19.90

Self drafted pattern
Polyester crepe 1.4mx150cm from Centrepoint $28

BurdaStyle 5/16 #107
Polyester Suiting from SmartDress fabrics 2.5m x 150cm $12.37
Poplin for piping $2, piping cord $3? from Spotlight
Total cost $17.37

BurdaStyle 10/15 #107
Label:  8.5 oz Stretch Denim Indigo, width 144cm. Composition 95%Cotton, 5%Spandex.
Wash separately before use. Warm machine wash, do not bleach. Line dry without delay warm iron.
Spotlight 1.5m x 144  $17.09.  I have .65m remaining.

BurdaStyle 1/16 103ABurdaStyle 1/16 103A
Lace from Hospice shop $1. Pink knit from Spotlight $7

BurdaStyle 2/16 122A
Fabric knits from Hospice Shop $1.80

Tote Bag
Fabric from sewing magazine and stash.

Knit fabric from Smart Dress fabrics.  Needed all 3m x 147, plus .5m stretch lining.
Knit fabric $35.85, lining $3.95. Total $39.80

KwikSew 4133.  $11.08 Plaid flannel from Spotlight.  2mx 148cm
StyleArc Barb pants.  Cost $0 as used left over fabric.  See here for more info
Knit fabric from Hospice shop, approx 3m.  $1.35

BurdaStyle 11/15 112
Knit fabric from Hospice shop $1.35

BurdaStyle 11/15 112.  Fine knit from SmartDress Fabrics 1.5m x 147cm

BurdaStyle 11/15 112.   knit from SmartDress Fabrics 1.5m x 147cm

Husky steamed velour from Spotlight.  1.75m x 148cm. $8.65
StyleArc Barb pants.  Spotlight ponte 1.5m x 147 $7.41

KwikSew 3678.  Spotlight Husky Polar Fleece $9.23

2m x 147cm platinum fleece. Spotlight $12.33.  In future get 2.2m

StyleArc Barb pants.  Forest ponte, spotlight 2m x 147cm $21.58.  Remaining .85m.  Only need 1.5m of ponte at 147cm
BurdaStyle 1/16 103A.  $12.50
Outer fabric 1m x 147cm (should have been 1.5m), inner fabric 1.5m (should have been 1m) x 147cm, $7.50.  

StyleArc Barb pants $19.90

Velvet Jacket. BurdaStyle 8/2015 106A
Blue velvet 3m x 100cm $29.85, Red Velvet .3m $6.89, lining 2m $11.80.
All from SmartDress fabrics. total cost $48.54


BurdaStyle 8/15 124a.  Ponte knit from 
Spotlight 1m x 147 of both black and white, needed .8m of each.  $21.60

BurdaStyle 10/2015 107.  Corduroy from Spotlight.  $10 for 2m x 112cm.  Needed all the fabric

BurdaStyle 11/2015 109A. Viscose from SmartDress fabrics. 1.4m x 150cm $13.93. Needed all the fabric.

BurdaStyle shirt 11/2015 #129. Cotton from SmartDress fabrics.  $21.89 for 2.2m.  Needed all fabric.

BurdaStyle shirt 11/2015 #129.  Cotton from Smart Dress Fabrics $11 for 2.2m x 150cm
StyleArc Barb pants
Bengaline from Spotlight $20 approx

BurdaStyle 10/2015 #115a
Faille from
Spotlight 1.5m x 148cm $11.69

New Look 6963. Poplin from Spotlight $17.48  2.5m x 112cm 
BurdaStyle culottes 8/15 #131
silk tweed 2.5m x 148cm from Spotlight $15
Used all the fabric.

Colette Sorbetto.  Country Garden Bird, Poplin. Spotlight $10.12 2m x 112cm.  .9m remaining

 BurdaStyle 8/15 131.  Batik Blues, Rayon. Spotlight $24.89 2m x 148cm.  All fabric used.

Colette Sorbetto.  Leftover fabric, voile, rayon and gingham.  Cost $0.

 Spirit of Winter,

BurdaStyle Easy 01/2014 1a Blouson
Fabric left overs from shift dress below.
total costs for both dress and jacket $45 (includes thread bought for projects)

BurdaStyle 9/2015 108B
Cotton Sateen from Centrepoint $29.90 for 1.5m.  Crepe side panels from SmartDress fabrics $10 for 1m.  Enough fabric left over from both for a jacket.  Note if I make this dress again, there was not enough length of the cotton for the side panels, will probably need 2m.
BurdaStyle Easy 01/2014 1C
Fabric: Corduroy from Spotlight $10.50, 1.5m x 110cm
StyleArc Barb pants
Fabric: Cotton Sateen, Confetti $23.64 from Spotlight.  2m x 122cm.  Needed all the fabric.
Peg bag from madewithlovebyhannah.com.  Used fabric remnants.

Kwik Sew 4068
Fabric Poplin $18.87 from Spotlight 2.7m x 112cm.  Used most of fabric.

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