Saturday, 27 August 2011

August update

Another good stitching month. Too wet and cold outside so perfect excuse to stay indoors.  We even had our first snow in Auckland since 1939.  Mind you it only lasted a few minutes and I missed it.  Here is my progress to date on Love Letter. 
I'm going to leave this now to start on HAED's  Spirit of Winter, a Josephine Wall design.  Refer to an earlier post for what this will look like.  This will be done on 22ct Hardanger.  I got the fabric and fibres from 123stitch a couple of weeks ago.  So much cheaper than buying in New Zealand, even with the cost of postage.  I've spent the last week preparing the fabric and getting project cards labelled and threads sorted so i'm ready to start this weekend. 

Saturday, 6 August 2011

July 2011 progress report

The weather was so bad here in July that I had lots of stitching time.  The target was to complete one page, but I managed 2 1/2.  Below is the latest picture.
I've changed by mind about starting Little Kitten next, and decided to start Spirit of Winter in September.  Off to order fabric and fibres now.  With the exchange rate it makes so much more sense to order from the US.  One flossie of DMC costs $1.60 here, with the exchange rate I can get it for the equivalent of 64 cents.  Even with the cost of postage this should save me around $40!