Thursday, 12 July 2018

Closet Case Patterns Carolyn Pyjamas

I wanted to make some flanelette PJ's last winter but didn't get around to it.  So it was a must for this winter.  I got some lovely wincyette from Morelands Fabrics in their sale.  It has eiffel towers and kittens on it and is lovely and soft and warm.

The pattern is from Closet Case Patterns and is the Carolyn Pyjamas.  The pattern comes with various options, a summer version of short pants and gives the option of adding piping.  The top has a notched collar.

The pattern called for 5.25m and I made the mistake of only buying 5m at 112cm wide.  I just managed to get the pattern pieces cut out.  Next time I definitely need to go for the 5.25 metres.

I didn't bother with the piping.  I made a straight size 14 without any alterations and it fits perfectly.    The pants would actually make nice trousers in a cotton for the summer as they come with pockets. The pants took about 3 hours and the top around 6 hours.

I wore these last night and they were wonderful and comfortable.

I would like to make the summer version in a nice cotton lawn.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Another Visby

This is my third Visby from Itch to Stitch.  Made from a fine merino, perfect for layering on these cold winter days.
This time I made it without the placket.  This made for a super quick sew.  It only took me around 1 1/2 hours to sew it.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Sew Over It Heather Dress x 2

I wanted a knit dress that I could wear over leggings for the winter.  Something that I could be comfy lounging around the house, but also smart enough to wear to the shops.  I also wanted pockets.  I found this in the Sew Over It Heather Dress.

I made 2 ponte dresses.

The first in burgundy and black is an embossed ponte from SmartDress Fabrics and is quite light weight.  The other in blue and black are a heavier weight, especially the blue and are from Spotlight.
I notice a bit of pooling in the back.  I don't normally have to do a sway back adjustment so not sure if this is the pattern or the way I was standing when I took the photos.

I added 3" to the length as the pattern is designed to be quite short and I wanted it to hit at the knee.  This is just what I was looking for.  The pockets are very deep, so I don't need to worry about my phone falling out.

The only other  change I made was to the construction method.  The pattern called for the sleeves to be sewn at the side seam and then set in.  Rather than doing this, I just sewed the sleeves in flat and then sewed the sleeve seam and side seam in one pass.  A much easier method when no easing is needed to set the sleeve in.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Spring Table Runner

Sweet Pea put this design out a few weeks ago and I couldn't resist.  I love spring flowers and it looks so cheerful.

These were 6 x 10 blocks and they fit my dresser perfectly.

The flower designs are daffodil and lily of the valley.  If you read my blog you know daffodils are my favourite and I am making a daffodil quilt.  Lily of the Valley also have special significance for me.  When my father was in the RAF, to fill in the evenings he made my mother, his then fiance, marquisite jewellery, one of the pieces he made is a lily of the valley brooch.  I now have this brooch and wear it with pride.

The other flowers are cherry blossom and tulip.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Daffodil quilt and Cloth Habit Watson

All the rows of the quilt are now finished and joined together.

Next step is to add the border with Wordsworths' poem "I wandered lonely as a cloud".

I also made the Cloth Habit Watson bra and briefs.  This time I wanted to add foam cups.  The first bra I made was from left over fabric.
The pattern is designed for stretch fabrics, however the foam has no stretch and this ended up way too small.  However the matching briefs are a good fit.
I had another go at the foam cup bra, this time going up a cup size. 
This time the fit is pretty  much spot on.  There is a little gaping where the cup joins the cradle.  I've already altered the pattern, adding a dart to the cradle so next time there shouldn't be any more gaping. The fabric is scuba from Spotlight and I've plenty left over for more briefs. 

I prefer the scuba fabric for these bras.  The top one, made in an ITY was really too flimsy, even though the cradle was interfaced with a tricot interfacing.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

3 tops and a cushion

I made another Itch to Stitch Visby Henly top.

Note to self: open eyes when taking selfie

 After all my mistakes on the last one I wanted to get it right.  I almost did. There are 2 pattern pieces for the placket interfacing.  One is longer if you want to make the hooded version, and a shorter one for the hoodless version.  The interfacing is ironed on to the top, you then stay stitch around it and cut down the centre.  I was making the hoodless version and can you guess what I did, yup I used the longer pattern piece instead of the shorter one.  Now if I'd realised in time I could have just made the placket longer, however I didn't realise until I had serged the placket in place.  So I had a placket and a gap of about an inch in the middle of the top!  Clearly something had to be done.  I managed to sew an extra length to the placket and then sew the large X in a box on top to hide the join.  It doesn't sit exactly right, but it is wearable.

This was made from a knit from SmartDress Fabrics, not sure what composition it was.

I also made another StyleArc Winnie top.  I love how quickly this one sews up.

This time instead of turning up the hem and doing a split hem, I left it at the same length and just did a normal hem.  This results in a longer top and I prefer thelength of this one.

This was made from a wool knit from SmartDress Fabrics.  I made a mistake (yes another one) when cutting the fabric.  I was cutting the above Visby Henly and the Winnie at the same time.  I cut the Visby Henly first and wondered if there was enough fabric left over to make a Itch To Stitch Lago tank (there wasn't).  So I then proceeded to cut out the Winnie from the blue knit.  It wasn't until I'd cut the front and back and thought I thought the funnel neck would be longer, and I looked at the pattern pieces and I'd cut the Lago tank instead of the Winnie.   This meant I no longer had enough fabric to make the Winnie.  Fortunately I had some black ponte in my stash so was able to use that for the sleeves.  I quite like the look of the contrast sleeves, so it worked out well.

This  mistake of course meant that I also had a Lago tank to make.

Once those tops were done I decided it was time for some machine embroidery. I've been wanting to make this reading pillow for a while.

The machine embroidery design is from Stitch Delight and says Today I will take the Time to stop and smell the Roses.

I used a 16" cushion form and made an envelope style back.  I'm making one for myself and one for a gift.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Cloth Habit Watson, Itch to Stitch Visby Henly, machine embroidery

I've been keen to try the Itch to Stitch Visby Henly top.  With the raglan sleeves, placket and cuffs there is an opportunity for colour blocking.  I recently bought fabric for this, thinking this would make a great top for cooler weather.  However when I took the fabric out it was much thinner than I imagined.  I won't be able to wear this until spring.   The pink that I had bought for the sleeves was very sheer.  However I love the colours so went ahead and made it anyway.

 I'm not sure what was wrong with me, whether I was put off because I was disappointed with the sheerness of the fabric, or whether my head just still isn't right after the upheaval of the last couple of months but I made soooo many mistakes on this.  The first was the sleeves.  There are double notches on the back of the sleeve and single notches on the front.  I somehow did single notches on both front and back.  My fault, the pattern piece definitely shows 2 notches.  Unfortunately I attached the sleeves to the front, single notch to single notch so not an issue.  Then I came to attach the sleeve to the back and oh oh, single notch again on the sleeve.  When I compared the sleeve to the pattern piece I could see I"d sewn the back of both sleeves to the front.  Not only that but it was serged so to try and unpick on such a fine knit would be disastrous.  I decided I'd just have to go for it and hope that the sheerness of the sleeves would disguise the twistiness of the sleeves.

Second mistake was the placket.  I could clearly see on the pattern piece that there was a large X on the bottom for stitching.  I ignored that and created a buttonhole at the bottom.  Uh.  Had to stitch over the top of the buttonhole.

Anyway I think this doesn't look too bad actually and will wear it in spring as I do love the fabric.  I've just bought some more fabric in a heavier weight knit and will try it again for a winter piece.

I made my usual Itch to Stitch adjustments.  Size 8 in bust and waist, graded to 12 hips and lengthened 1".  It probably didn't need lengthening as it is quite long, but I like the extra length.

Another recent make was my first Cloth Habit Watson bra.
I say my first, because I'm sure there will be a lot more.  This was my muslin and fits perfectly.  This is made from a purple scuba that I overlaid with a purple stretch lace.  It is very comfortable and pretty easy to make.  Though once again, my head isn't where it should be and I made mistakes.  The most notable being forgetting to make up the straps before sewing to the bra.  This resulted in the only way I could get the rings and sliders on and workable were by sewing them inside out, so the sliders are inside the bra strap instead of outside it.

I've also made some machine embroidery.  Including a cover for my sewing machine that I have been wanting to make for over a year.

The design is from Embroidery library.  Sewn onto a pre-quilted fabric and bound with bias tape.

I wanted to  make a quick gift for a friend so made this crazy patch notebook cover from Kreative Kiwi.  I still need to buy a notebook to fit inside it.  I added a lining once the machine embroidery had finished.