Sunday, 26 March 2017

Embroidered Colette Sorbetto top and Kreative Kiwi machine embroidery

I bought a lovely machine embroidery pattern that is in 2 different colours. From looking at pinterest I knew I wanted a white top with black at the bottom of the top, a black centre band and neck and black edged piped sleeves.   But couldn't find a pattern that was colour blocked the way I wanted it.  Well Colette have re-released their freebie Sorbetto design, and the email saying this arrived just at the right time.  I knew I could adapt their pattern to suit what I wanted, after I'd made their previous version about 4 times last year.  The pattern already has a centre front pleat and the neckline is finished with bias binding.
Here is my finished top.

The top is cotton poplin from Spotlight.

To create the colour block I made the following changes.
  • Made a separate pattern piece for the bottom 5 inches for the front and back pieces
  • For the front, instead of cutting on the fold I cut 2 separate pieces, cutting before the pleat line but adding in the seam allowance
  • Cut the pleat separately in the black fabric, adding seam allowances.
  • Left the sleeve length as per the pattern, then made a new pattern piece to create 3" cuffs, 
  • Made my own piping for the sleeves, and bias binding for the neckline
For the sewing I then:
  • Sewed the bottom front and back fabric to the top front and back
  • Did the embroidery
  • Sewed the front pieces to the pleat
  • Created cuffs by sewing piping to the outer edge and to where it joins the sleeve
  • Then sewed as per the pattern, ensuring the neck binding was folded to the outside, not the inside.

I'm loving doing machine embroidery.   This weekend has been busy making items from Kreative Kiwi.

This is their swirly placemat, it is their large version for 8x10 hoops, creating a 15" placemat.

And I made these coasters, which are freebies on their site.  An Easter bunny and 2 kiwis with koru.


Friday, 17 March 2017

BurdaStyle dress 4/16 108A and quilt show

I bought some very bright rayon fabric years ago when I first started sewing.  Back then I thought I needed to buy everything I saw that was on sale.  Lesson learnt, this has sat in my stash for years as I don't like the pattern and didn't know what to do with it.  I'm attempting to get my stash down, so decided I'd make a dress that I could wear around the house.  I wanted something comfortable and loose so I picked the kaftan type dress from the April 2016 issue.  It has a false button placket at the top which was a pain to put in and isn't as neat as I'd like.  It also has in-seam pockets.  I lengthened it by 5 inches as the dress in the magazine was more like a tunic in length.

The photos above show it worn with a belt and it isn't too bad with the belt to take it in.  However without a belt it is a sack.

Well I wanted loose and comfy and that is what I got.  I won't wear it outside the house but for lounging around in the evening it is fine.

Yesterday I went to the Western Circle Quilters show. From their stand where they can sell their excess I bought 3 large bags of mixed fabrics.  Very happy with that.  These days my focus is on machine embroidery so I snapped a few photos of quilts with machine embroidery.
And a close up of the above

And a close up of the above

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

New embroidery machine

Last week I got a new embroidery machine.  It is a Janome Memorycraft 500e.  It is embroidery only and has a much bigger embroidery field than my Brother Innovis 950, able to embroider up to 200x280mm or about 7"x11".

Here is the arrival and unpacking.

The machine was a lot bigger than I expected.  I had planned on putting it on my computer desk but it was too big so had to go on my sewing table.  As the computer desk isn't suitable to sit and sew at, this meant I had to get another sewing table, which arrived yesterday.  Here is my new set up, with a video taking a look around my sewing room.


And here are some of the things I've already created using my new machine.

Practicing stitch stacking

A heat pack, made for my mother.

Make up bag, that I'm actually keeping small sewing things in - bobbins, etc
Back of a sweatshirt.

Monday, 27 February 2017

BurdaStyle top

My 4th Burdastyle in the Burda challenge for 2017.  This is from the October 2016 issue and is #121a in the magazine.

I made quite a few changes.  In the magazine it is long-sleeved and I wanted a short sleeve top.  As the sleeves are in 2 parts it was easy to just omit the lower part of the sleeve to turn it into a short sleeve top.

On these types of tops I usually find they are too wide across the shoulders and too low, so I did what is now a standard adjustment of adding 1" to the width of the shoulders to bring them in towards the neck, added 1" at the back neckline and added 3" to the front neckline.

In the magazine they called for a fine fabric and the yoke is lined.  Mine was a bit heavier, so I didn't bother lining the yoke so instead I needed to create a front facing, rather than the bias binding neckline I did a back facing also.

Fabric is probably a polyester that I picked up from the Hospice shop.

The front has a front yoke and below is pleated and then stitched down, giving a pintuck type effect.

Friday, 17 February 2017

My third Burdastyle 9/16 #120 and quilt blocks 9 &10

My third dress.  I again altered the neckline, this time lowering it and I think I've finally found the shape neckline that I really like.  I need to draft a template from this so I can use it on other tops and dresses.

More fabric from the hospice shop, it is some sort of polyester.  I avoided using it for a long time as I didn't really like it, but it looks much better made up.  I had 5metres of it, so I still have enough for another dress.

And I've completed another 2 blocks of my quilt.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Burdastyle top, daffodil quilt blocks 7&8, heart patchwork bag, Gossips update

The last few days have been busy in my sewing room.  From Burdastyle 8/16 #125   I made this top using a jersey from the Hospice shop.

I had issues with the neckline.  the back neck gaped terribly and the front was too wide and low.  I was able to fix both these issues by joining both front and back neck line by 2 inches to increase the shoulder length.  Probably not an approved method, as normally it would lift the front too much, but in this case it worked.

A bit hard to see in the photos, but it has a tie front at the side of the neckline.

Another couple of blocks were completed for my quilt

I've taken part in a sew-a-long by Sweetpea.  It is run on a facebook page.  You get a discount on the pattern and 2 weeks to complete the project.  This was my first time participating in their sew-a-long.  This project was for a heart patchwork bag.  I used remnants in my stash.
Front of bag

Bag opened and lining showing

back of bag

I'm still doing my cross-stitch as well.  Here is an update on Gossips, pages 1- 13 of 72 completed.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Summer dresses and daffodil quilt blocks 5&6

For my second Burda 2017 challenge I made dress 120 from September 2016 issue.  I actually ended up making 2 of these dresses.
This is the photo from  the magazine

It can also be done in a contrasting fabric for the lower front skirt, which is cut on the bias.

The first one was in this multi-coloured/green fabric from a Hospice shop

In this version the only change I made was to shorten the sleeves.  I really like the dress. It was quick to sew up and is loose and comfortable for hot summer days.  However I am not comfortable with the neckline on this, it is too low for me.

As I really liked the dress I wanted to make another version, this time I raised the back neckline by 1", bought in the shoulders by 1" and raised the front neck by 3".  I also lengthened the skirt by 4 1/4".  While the green one is OK to wear around the house, I am much happier with this one and will happily wear it to the shops, barbeques etc.

To show off that interesting seam I added piping.
I'd also like to make this in a rayon. I'm thinking contrasting fabrics as in the magazine green/blue version.  I've seen a small polka dot fabric in smart dress fabrics that comes in 2 different colour fabrics greys/blues that would go well together, again with the piping detail.  If I do this I'll need 2 metres of the main fabric and 1 metre of the contrast, minimum 115cm wide.

Also done are the 4th and 5th blocks of my quilt.

This is 6 blocks done, so the first row is completed.  Here they are laid out on my bed.

Also made in machine embroidery was an in the hoop pincushion in the shape of a house.  Cute
I made this a couple of months ago, but don't think I posted it.  A phone case for my mobile