Friday, 16 June 2017

Tea time

I've made this cute set using Kreative Kiwi designs.  The tea cup mug rug and the teapot mug rug are both freebies.  The tea cosy is made using the flap from the crazy patch shoulder bag.  I sewed 2 together, added lining and finished the bottom with bias binding.  It was the perfect size for my small teapot.  I didn't want the monogram given in the design so omitted that and added designs from my embroidery machine.

I didn't take into account that the bag flap points down and by cosy points upwards and so my butterfly is upside down.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Burdastyle embroidered sweatshirt and Jalie Jeans

I saw a top embroidered with Urban Threads Flight and Dark butterflies and knew I needed this for the sweatshirt I was planning on making.  The sweatshirt is BurdaStyle Feb  2016 #121  that I previously made last year.

I really like this sweatshirt, so when I saw some blue sweatshirt fabric on special at Spotlight I got that to make another sweatshirt.

For the embroidery I wanted it to appear that the butterflies were flying up over the back and up over one arm to meet the butterflies coming up the back. I also added a few to the front pocket.

I've also been keen to try making my own jeans.  I find shop bought ones are never comfortable as the fit is so poor.  Usually a tight crotch and a too loose waistband.  After looking at Pattern Review I decided to go with Jalie Womens stretch jeans 2908.  These are bootleg jeans.

I worked very hard to get the fit right so that I will have a go-to pair of jeans in future.

Adjustments I made were:

  • Added 1/4" to the front inseam to lengthen the front crotch curve.  Tutorial used was this by Closet Case patterns
  • Did a 1/2" low butt adjustment, using the same tutorial.
  • Made a contoured waistband using this tutorial
Learned the hard way that when you iron interfacing onto denim the denim shrinks.  After cutting my waistband it ended up shrinking 1/4" at each end.   To solve that I ironed a piece of interfacing onto uncut denim, and then cut out the waistband.

I meant to add 1" to the length but I forgot.  They are just long enough though I had to make just a 1/2" hem.

I added rivets to the pockets.  I also embroidered the back pockets before attaching to the jeans.  As you can see one pocket has the butterflies on it.  The other has a Boutique Blooms design, again from Urban Threads.  I have a larger design from the Boutique Blooms and plan on making a denim jacket with this embroidered on it.  So the jeans will match both my sweatshirt and denim jacket.

For all of the steps I followed the Closet case patterns ginger jeans sewalong.   I also made a lined waistband, rather than faced with denim as discussed in the Closet Case.  I'm pretty pleased how that looks.  I need to take a photo and show it.  My topstitching isn't showing in the photos, so I will try getting some more photos with close up details.

The pattern calls for denim with 20% stretch.  I'm not sure my denim stretched that much.  My jeans are pretty tight fitting and I'm wondering if I should have gone up a size.  However they are stretch denim so  I will try wearing for a while and see if they stretch out.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Owl applique

Just a very quick post to show off this gorgeous Owl.  Design from Kreative Kiwi.  My sewing room seems to be developing an owl theme, so I made him to go on my wall.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Machine embroidery gifts for Xmas 2016

Well I was sure I had posted this, but I went looking for the post to remind myself what I had made for Xmas gifts last year and couldn't find anything.  So, better late than never.

Bookmark corner and notepad holder.  The notepad holder has magnets on the back so can go on a fridge door, of course I included a notepad!  I made a few of the notepad holders with other embroidery designs, but it looks as though I forgot to take photos.
Candy cane holders.  again I made a lot of these, but this is the only photo.

Keyfobs, made a lot more, no photos - getting the story, not enough photos.,  Reminder to self, do better this year!

My first FSL attempt.  A lace bowl I gave to Mam.
 Another view of the same bowl.  That is my hand embroidered crazy quilted tea cosy behind it.
FSL ornaments.  I kept these for myself.

I've made a start on this years gifts, but I have so many ideas, the hardest thing is deciding what to do and what not to do.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

BurdaStyle december 2016 #111 Bell sleeve tunic

Another BurdaStyle finish.  This is from the December issue and is pretty up to date fashion for me, with the band across the neck and the flared sleeves.

The neck band was way too big.  I ended up putting in 2 2" darts at the shoulders to take it in by 4".  I made a size 42 and graded out to the hips to size 44.  I probably didn't need to do this as it is not as close fitting as implied by the magazine photo.

Fabric is one I've had in my stash for a while, from SmartDress fabrics.  It is more red than shows in the photos.  I have enough left over for another Maria Denmark kimono T shirt, though I may need to colour block it.

The V neck is a bit low for my liking, probably fine for most people.  I intend to add a small piece of fabric under that V so it doesn't show as much skin.  As there is a facing I should be able to sew it direct to the facing.

Another top I'm happy with.

Daffodil quilt progress and other Machine Embroidery

With one thing and another I haven't done much on my daffodil quilt for the last few weeks.  I got around to having another session and got row 3 completed.  18 blocks now done.

Close up of blocks

Yesterday was Mothers Day.  I made my Mum this Heirloom Rose Tissue Box cover from Stitch Delight.
I also bought her a fleecy blanket and put some of the daffodil embroidery in one corner.
And for my embroidery machine I made a quilted cover.

Monday, 8 May 2017

BurdaStyle 10/16 111 Trousers

I've been wanting a smart pair of woven trousers.  I got some gabardine from Spotlights specials table in an aubergine colour that was crying out for trousers.  I settled on BurdaStyle 10/16 #111.

I'm hoping to get a blueprint so I have some go-to woven trousers, similar to my StyleArc Barb pants for stretch fabric.  I first made a muslin.  RTW pants are always to big across the waist for me if they fit at the hips, so I knew I would probably need to make an adjustment for that.   The pants have welt pockets which I have never made before, so I also wanted to practice those.  After making the muslin I discovered I needed to reduce at the waist by 1/2" on front and back pieces, tapering back to the side seam 3" below the top of the pattern piece.  There are already darts on the pattern, so that eliminates back gaping.  I also felt the welt pockets were in an uncomfortable place.  They were too far forward - towards the tummy and too low down.  None of the photos in the magazine actually show the welt pockets, the top part of the pants are all covered by tops.   I moved the welts 1/2"closer to the side seam and 1/2" higher.  Even though I am 5'9" and Burda design for 5'7" I found the pants too long.  and ended up shortening the length by 2 1/5" and sewing at 1" instead of the 1 5/8" recommended, so effectively shortened by 2"

Once I was satisfied with the muslin I went ahead and made the pants.  However I found once I'd made them they were too tight across the back buttocks and under the groin.  The muslin were fine, so not sure what happened.  I ended up letting out part of the crotch seam to 1/4" seam allowance.  Next time I make these I will try a crotch adjustment as shown in the video by Professor Pincushion.  The waist is also a wee bit snug, so I may need to let this out by 1/4".

Here is a close up of the welt pocket.  I also really like the deep, shaped waistband and the belt loops - another first.

On the whole I am really happy with these pants.  I just have to hope I don't split them when I sit down!