Saturday, 29 November 2014

another November finish

Yesterday I said I had nearly finished a CQ piece.  I finished the crinoline lady and made her into a Christmas cracker which will have  a gift inside. After Christmas it can be used as a dressing table mat.

Here she is

Friday, 28 November 2014

November update

I had quite a successful month, completing another page of Spirit of Winter a Josephine Wall design by Heaven and Earth, I completed all the tissue holders for Christmas gifts, completed the CQ block I started last month and made it into a bag and have almost completed a CQ block for my mother.  The CQ block will be made into a Christmas cracker with a gift inside.  I hope to finish this today so will post more pictures when that is done.

This is the CQ block made into a bag.  I put a Sunbonnet Sue with a little dog and cat and bluebird looking on.  Cute little basket of flowers at the left.  The lace on the bottom right I painted to match the orange tints of the fabrics.  The fabric of the bag is actually curtain material, which was leftovers that were in the bargain bin at Spotlight.  It looks purple here but is actually a maroonish colour (hard to describe) but is a good match for the colours of the block.

   Below are the completed tissue holders.


E.  I redid this as I didn't think it looked enough like an E, so took out some of the daisies at the bottom and extended the orange bottom bar and extended the orange middle bar.


Front of the tissue holders

This is the CQ block I've made for my mother.  It is a small block at just 6 inches square.
Full block

The Crinoline lady is appliqued. She is made out of scraps of sari fabric that I picked up cheap at a quilt show.  The flowers at top right an in the red velvet patch are made from cast on stitch.

A little hedgehog in the bottom right corner.  A bit hard to see on this fabric but I ran out of room to put him anywhere else.

Suffolk puff flowers at top left
Spirit of Winter another page completed.