Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Mini Intermission and 2014 targets

Finished  page 4 on Mini Intermission.
I exceeded my targets for 2013.  My stitching diary shows I did 393 hours, and completed 61911 stitches which is 9 pages.  3 pages on Intermission, 2 pages on Moonlight and 4 pages of Spirit of Winter.

Target for 2014
February  finish page 12 Spirit of Winter  Completed
April finish page 6 of Mini Moonlight Completed March
April finish page 13 Spirit of Winter  Completed April
August finish page 5 Mini Intermission Completed May
October finish page 14 Spirit of Winter Completed June
December finish page7 Mini Moonlight  Completed page 7 and 8 in July.

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