Sunday, 29 June 2014

June Update

Time to post what I've been working on for the last month.

Completed page 14 of Spirit of Winter
Did a little bit more on this, not much done since last update:

This is my most creative project ever attempted.  My own design of a hussif.  Below shows what the inside will look like.  From left to right, first pocket is a double pocket, very proud I managed to figure how to do this.  I have crochet hooks in the part of the pocket that opens at the top and a pinwheel in the part that opens at the side.
 Next to it is a pocket for pens/pencils for transferring patterns.  I've also just taught myself to crochet, so have made a crocheted thimble holder.  I've not yet attached this, but this will be attached above the pen pocket.
 Next to this is a pincushion with Silk Ribbon embroidery on it, below the pincushion is a felted needlebook.  Both the pincushion and needlebook are attached to the hussif with Velcro so I can remove these and use them separately when required.
 At the far right is a pocket for scissors and below that a pocket for a pencil sharpener (for transferring pencils) or Thread Heaven.
Close up of the pincushion
This will be the front of the hussif, still have a couple more leaves and remainder of stems to embroider.


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