Saturday, 25 July 2015

CQJP2015 April block completed

After spraining my hand in April I wasn't able to do any embroidery for a few months.  I'm now working to catch up on the CQJP2015 challenge.
I've completed the April block which has a winter theme.
April block

Detail of the beaded snowman. This was made using the trapunto method, then beaded, then appliqued to the block.  This was my first attempt at trapunto and I was pleased with how he turned out.

Each of the 4 blocks features a Hardanger piece.  The Hardanger on this block was placed on top of a piece of lace to give a lace border, then beaded chain stitch around the edge of the Hardanger with a silk ribbon poinsettia flower.
While we don't get snow in Auckland, a winter theme has to feature snowflakes:

The first 4 blocks of the CQJP challenge are completed and I've made them into a cushion cover.
The 4 blocks are joined with feather stitch and feather stitch also joins the outside border with the blocks, there is a central lace motif to bring the pieces together.

Now on to my May block.  

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