Saturday, 8 August 2015

CQ tea cozy and TAST week 4 Cretan stitch

I finished my crazy quilt tea cozy.  With a layer of batting in it, it keeps my teapot wonderfully hot for ages.  Here is the second block completed.
  And here is both sides of the completed tea cozy.  It has a ribbon at the top so I can easily lift it off the teapot when pouring a cuppa.
TAST week 4 was Cretan stitch. Here are my examples.  The first is on my CQ Four Seasons cushion

This is a double row of Cretan in pink and blue and is on the Tea Cozy.

Up next, I registered for an online CQ course on embroidery motifs with Kathy Shaw.  The first task is to do two trees, one using a twisted method and another an embroidered method.

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