Saturday, 12 September 2015

Another tunic Simplicity 2054

I finished another tunic.  I made it to wear over leggings, but it is long enough to be worn as a dress on its own.  However the colour is a bit brighter than I realised, a bit too bright for me.

This is Simplicity 2054.  Fabric is a ITY jersey from Centrepoint and cost $17.

I made a mistake with the neckline.  I sewed the facing on inside out so the raw edges were on the outside.  As this is a knit fabric and I used a stretch stitch it was going to be just about impossible to unpick it.  I decided to hide the raw edge by covering it with lace.  I first trimmed the raw edge  as close as possible to the stitching and then attached the lace.  I was lucky that I had some lace in my stash that was the exact colour of the dress.
 I'm pleased with how that mistake turned out.  It looks as though it was meant to be and even adds interest to another wise plain garment.

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