Tuesday, 23 February 2016

more culottes and revisited blouse

I've made my fourth pair of culottes.  These will do for slightly cooler weather, though since it has been around 26C and very humid since Christmas cooler weather is hard to imagine.  Again these are from Burdastyle 8/15 #131.
These were made from fabric described by Spotlight as silk tweed.  They are lightweight, but a bit heavier than the rayon culottes I've made and lighter than the broadcloth ones.  The fabric was $15 for 2.5 metres at 148cm wide.
I revisited my Burdastyle blouse from July 2015 #109. I blogged about it here. I really wasn't happy with the amount of flounce around my bottom and felt I would never wear it.  I wanted to remove some of the bulk of fabric and reduce the flounces below the waist to one instead of two.  The flounce immediately below the waist is narrower than the bottom one.  I couldn't remove just the bottom flounce as the blouse would then be too short.  So I had to unstitch both flounces and unpick the invisible zip in the side seam.  As the seams had all been overlocked, if I'd used a regular 5/8inch seam the blouse would have been a bit too short, so I sewed with a 1/4" inch seam.
Photos before change
And after

I may have taken out a bit too much bulk as it is a bit on the tight side around the hips now.  I'm still not sure when or if I'll wear it but I think there is more chance it will get out of the wardrobe now.

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