Sunday, 22 May 2016

StyleArc Barb pants, BurdaStyle layered long sleeve shirt and Hospice Op shop haul

Well the last couple of weeks have been eventful.  I've been without a car the last few days as a woman drove into the back of me at an intersection.  No injuries, thank goodness.  My rear bumper was damaged.  Only her licence plate was damaged.  Why is it that the innocent parties in these, always come off second best?

Oh well, I've used the time to get on with some sewing.  First up another pair of Barb pants from StyleArc.

These were made with fabric from SmartDress fabrics.  They are a stretch woven.  I bought 2m x 147cm for $19.90.  There is still some left over.  I may use that left over fabric to make the BurdaStyle top that I made here .  I should have enough of this and left over fabric from the greeny/blue Bengaline trousers to make this top.  Then the top would co-ordinate with both sets of trousers.  Sounds cool, but I'll have to see how the fabrics look together.

I made a top from the BurdaStyle 1/16 issue #103A.  This is their picture and description.

A bit of an eye trick. Up close you will see that there is a longsleeve shell made of a slightly transparent fine knit fabric that looks opaque on the body. The added interest is the waterfall scoop at the back.

And my version

This top was again made with fabric from SmartDress fabrics.  I actually got the quantities of fabric mixed up.  The outer fabric needed 1.3m and the inner needed .8m.  I bought 1meter of the outer fabric and 1.5 metre of the inner.  This meant I have enough left over of the inner for another top, but required creative cutting for the outer fabric.   I didn't have enough to cut the back in one piece and on the fold as required in the pattern, so I had to cut one piece up to the shoulders, on the fold. Then across the shoulders I had to cut 2 pieces.  So a one piece back became 3 pieces.  Fortunately the waterfall collar on the back disguises where the fabric has been sewn together.  I also didn't have enough to do any pattern matching.    The outer fabric is quite a sheer knit, while the inner fabric is a t-shirt weight knit.  The fabric cost $7.50 for the inner, and $5 for the outer.  So $12.50 in total, with some left over for another similar top or a t-shirt.

I was able to pick my car up from the insurance service centre today.  On the way home I decided to call in at the local hospice shop.  For the first time I've seen, they had a table set up with fabric and fill a bag for $10.  I ended up filling 2 bags.  I took home a haul of 7 fabrics or 18.5 metres.  A couple of the fabrics were woollens so they took up a lot of space in the bag, otherwise I could have bought even more.
 I will add these to my Fabric stash page shortly.

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