Monday, 16 January 2017

Poodle dress and Daffodil quilt blocks 1-4

I've had some red crepe de chine with a poodle print in my stash for some time.  I got it from the clearance table at Spotlight.  The original intention was to make a blouse, but I don't really wear lightweight blouses any more, shirts yes, but not blouses.

I hadn't yet made anything from the April 2016 issue of BurdaStyle magazine so was looking through it and found this dress that I thought would look quite good.

I only just had enough for the dress, so couldn't do my usual lengthening and didn't have any extra for pattern matching.  Here is mine.

 The pattern description says it closes with a zip in the back, it actually has a button closure.
The dress has a band going down the front which is positioned so some of the underlap is showing.  The neckline was too low for me, so I drafted a wedge shaped pattern to add to the underlap to raise the neckline 2 inches. This shows the wedge I added and the band with underlap.
It has a cute little "jacket" style cover on the front.  Not sure what to call it.  Here's a photo.

This fabric is super cool and it's a loose dress so perfect for Aucklands hot, humid summers.

Work is moving on with my daffodil quilts.  I now have 4  12" blocks more or less completed and joined.  I reckon I will need 48 in total.  Here they are

Also on the go are a set of placemats,  These are made in the hoop and are the Wedding Rings design from Sweet Pea.  There are 4 blocks in each placemat.  I've only made 1 so far,  I want a set of 4.  I made the binding too narrow which made it very hard to bind neatly.  Unfortunately I made all the binding in one go, so won't have enough fabric to make more at a wider width - unless I buy some more fabric of course.

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