Sunday, 9 July 2017

Block and sloper

I've spent the last 10 days drafting a block and making a sloper. Here is the final sloper.  This is the bodice sloper joined to the skirt sloper, for a dress.

 I'm hoping to use this to

  1. check the fit of commercial patterns
  2. Draft my own patterns
I bought a king size duvet cover from a thrift store for just $5 so I had plenty of fabric to make lots and lots of slopers until I got my fit correct.  Manipulating the darts to be pointing to the correct place was the hardest.  When I've used commercial patterns I've just accepted where they put the darts, but I thought it was about time I learned how to do these correctly.

The longest to do was the bodice sloper.  From there I did a sleeve sloper.  Next I drafted the skirt sloper which was the easiest, then copies the top of the sleeve sloper to the bodice sloper to create a  torso sloper.

Once I had created the bodice sloper I looked at videos on how to pivot darts so they are in different places for different looks and how to create princess seams, and had a play at doing these.   It doesn't seem too difficult.

I've also ordered a pattern making book that was recommended on Pattern Review and I'm waiting for that to arrive.

More photos:

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