Monday, 30 November 2015

Cardigan and top finish

This last week I completed my first cardigan.  Made from a lightweight wool from Spotlight and using McCalls 6559. The pattern called for a narrow hem which stretches across the bottom, across the ties around the front and back, so a very long hem.  Trying to press the wool to form a hem and then turn again under was very frustrating.  I managed it on the bottom of the top, but then thought, why not use my narrow hem foot.  I switched to using that on the sewing machine and it was so much easier
This cost $20.69 for 1.5 metres x 155cm.  No fabric left over
I was keen to make my first garment from a BurdaStyle Magazine. This is from the 8/15 edition, pattern #115.   I've read that the instructions given are minimal, so for my first effort I made this simple top.  It has rib knit at the waist and cuffs.  After I sewed it all up I found the cuffs were way too big.  Now I have skinny wrists, but this was crazy big.  I decided I wouldn't be happy with wearing it as it was so spent an evening unpicking all the stitching from the hems and the lower sleeves.   I then cut the cuffs down to make them narrower.  The sleeves were very wide, so to enable them to sit in the cuffs without a gather, not a bunching, I trimmed the lower part of the sleeves down from the elbow to the cuff.  I'm much happier with how this looks, and it makes a very dressy top.
This fabric was from the specials table at Spotlight and was just $2.85 for 1.5m x 136-155cm wide.   I think it is a polyester, there was no description on the bolt.  No fabric left over.  The ribbing I got from Morelands and I got 1 metre for $8 and have enough left over for  another top.

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