Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Burdastyle denim skirt

I've wanted a denim skirt for ages.  I previously made this corduroy skirt from Burdastyle 10/15 #107.

This was made with a stretch denim.  I made flat felled seams - my first time.  I used a contrasting thread in a heavier weight topstitching thread to make them stand out as a decorative feature.  The ordinary seams worked out OK, but I struggled with the centre fly and stitching down centre front.  I had read when using a topstitch thread to use an ordinary weight thread in the bobbin and not to back stitch as that can cause birdnesting of the threads.  Instead of back stitching start and finish with the smallest stitch length, and use a longer stitch for the remainder of the sewing.  I used stitch length 1 for starting and ending and 3.5 for other stitches.  However my machine struggled, especially around the fly and ended up with some very narrow stitches around the fly.  It just couldn't cope with the bulk of fabric.  I have my eye on a new machine where supposedly the feed dogs can cope with going over seams without altering the stitches.  That would have really helped.  I ended up undoing stitches on the fly and centre seam and redoing them, which hasn't created as tidy a look as I would have hoped.  I really hope the seams don't give way when I start wearing it.  Not as happy as I wanted, and I think the front pleats with denim probably haven't worked too well, a straight skirt would have been better.

However I now have a denim skirt.

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