Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Brother Innovis-950D, Burdastyle Woven dress 7/16 #115

10 days ago I picked up my first sewing and embroidery machine. It is a Brother Innovis-950D.  I was wanting to upgrade my sewing machine and this one was within budget and included embroidery functions.  It is just a small embroidery field - 4inches x 4 inches, but as the embroidery function is the cherry on top I'm not complaining!  I love it.  I've spent the last week playing with it.  Here are just a few of the things I've made.  At this stage its mainly playing rather than serious sewing, just so I can learn.
Rocking horse candy cane holder.  The cane goes between the hooves.

Cat on TShirt.  Doesn't show here but cat has green eyes.

Strawberries on a tea towel

In my previous post I had made the woven shirt from Burdastyle 7/16.  Since then I have made the woven dress.

This time I wanted to have contrasting colours for the woven front so used red and blue poplin to match the colours of the main fabric.  The neckline was done with plain red poplin.  The belt was to be plain blue, however I had to put my new embroidery machine to work so I found a design that was similar to the design on the fabric and embroidered the belt.

I didn't have quite enough blue poplin for the belt, so I added a red panel at the back, changing the embroidered red flowers to blue - there are blue flowers in the main fabric, so again it matches.
I love my new embroidered dress.  It is something that will be uniquely me - good or bad!

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