Friday, 23 December 2016

Sleep tank #116 and sleep shorts #110 BurdaStyle 12/2016

So I needed some new sleepwear for the summer.  I also wanted to get rid of some of that accumulated stash I just don't know what to do with and some knit remnants.  A perfect marriage.

First were some sleep shorts.  I made these from some polyester that was on clearance at Spotlight when I first started sewing.  I'm not really keen on the shinyness of the material, so used some on these shorts.

They should be really simple to make, just 2 pattern pieces, with the tie for the casing being enclosed in self-facing.  However the fabric was horrible, it shifted about when I was cutting it and I ended up with one front piece being longer in the leg than the back, and the other front leg being longer at  the top than the back, so was real fun (not) trying to match these up.

The pattern is also meant to have 1/8" cording in the piping.  I elected not to put any cording in, so just had the bias fabric showing in the side seams.  I also embroidered a little white cat on the bottom of one leg.

The waist is tied with a drawstring, I used twill tape, the drawstring is inserted into buttonholes which are made on the top side only of the waist casing.  I've tried to show this in the photo below.

Again, this should have been easy to do.  When I put the buttonholes in I hadn't realised the fabric had shifted so far off, so I used the pattern to measure down from the top for placement of the buttonholes.  As the fabric itself didn't align, this meant my buttonholes were off, so I ended up having to redo one of them and had to fudge around the waist casing as well.

Anyway, they look OK.  I don't think anyone else would notice the problems, and as these are for sleepwear, no one else is going to see them anyway.

The second one was a sleep top to use up scraps of knit fabric.

So the colours are a bit odd together, but hey it uses up scraps, and again no one is going to see it. 

Thankfully this one came together easier.  However the instructions for attaching the band to the bust pieces made no sense to me, so I had to figure it out myself.  Notice I added a little  embroidered kiwi on a cloud to the bottom.  I'm not really into cute for clothing, but for sleepwear thought he was just right.  Nice coincidence that the brown of the kiwi blends into the brown of the top.

Merry Christmas.

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