Saturday, 22 April 2017

BurdaStyle 10/16 101 and machine embroidery

I haven't been able to do much the last week or so as I've had an infected finger.  I've had to have daily visits to the emergency centre to get the bandage changed.  As it is my index finger on my right hand I haven't been able to do much at all.  Thankfully it is starting to heal.

However I have a few makes to show that were done before the infection.

The only garment I've made this month is a knotted front embroidered t-shirt from 10/16 BurdaStyle.  In the magazine it is long sleeved.  I wanted a short sleeve version.  As the pattern has drop shoulders and the sleeves attached below that, it was easy to just leave off the sleeve pattern and turn the drop shoulders into sleeves.   Before sewing it together I embroidered the front with designs from Embroidery Library.  I love how these embroidered out.

I've also made quite a few machine embroidery items.  I've loved making these eyeglass cases from astitchahalf

The top 2 and the one on bottom left are the design from astitchahalf.  For the other 2 changed the embroidery design to ones that came on a CD with my Janome.  The top 2 are birthday gifts for my mother.  The one on the left is velvet, the one on the right is dupioni.  In the bottom photo the one on the left was made from a silk lining fabric.  This was too thin and ended up fraying around the satin stitch border.  The 2 on the left are cotton with a shiny poly lining.
I love how quickly these stitch out and I can get 2 in a hoop to save even more time.

I'm also loving making purses.  I've adapted the free puppy purse from Sweetpea, changing the size and adding my own embroidery in my Embrilliance Essentials software.

These 2 photos show front and back of a smaller purse.  I stupidly put the zip in upside down, so can't zip it closed.  I'm keeping my SM needles in this.  Again this is embroidery on the CD from Janome

This is a larger purse.  I haven't really decided what to use it for yet.  The embroidery on the back was a free design from Suebox.

The embroidery on the front was a free design from cuteembroidery.
I'm also enjoying making swirly placemats from Kreative Kiwi.  This is for my mother for her birthday.

The back looks just as good as the front.

I can't remember if I've shown all the FSL I've made.  Here are some Xmas ornaments and a couple of fairies.
Well that is all the upates for now. 

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