Monday, 18 December 2017

Top (or is it bottom) 5 misses of 2017

I'm glad to say it was a lot harder to come up with 5 misses than it was 5 hits.

Number 1 is a T shirt top from Burda Style magazine.  It is meant to be close fitting, but for some reason it ended up absolutely huge on me.  Only use is as a jacket or cover up.  I really have no idea why this was such an epic fail.

Number 2 is a what was I thinking when I bought that fabric?  When I first started sewing, if fabric was cheap, I bought it, and bright bright colours really appeal to me when I am shopping.  However a bit of bright is good, but crazy bright I don't feel comfortable in.  This is crazy bright and was on sale.  I like to think this year I am being more discriminating when buying fabric.  After all, if you are not going to wear a garment made from it, it is not really a saving now is it.

As well as the horrible fabric, the pattern, another Burda Style is horrible as well.  I sized down, but it still looks like a tent on me.  Photo doesn't look too bad as it is cinched in with a belt, but trust me this is YUK.

Number 3, 4 and 5, tied equal are also there because of the fabric choice.  Again, these were on sale.  The pattern itself isn't too bad, but these are polyester summer dresses.  Polyester just isn't comfortable in the summer.

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