Thursday, 13 February 2020

Cross stitch finish and another change to the rotation - and a new start

I finished Ornament Witching Hour on 9 Feb 2020.  4 years to the day of my last finish, Spirit of Winter.

Just need to get it framed now.  I haven't decided where to hang it yet.

The details
Ornament Witching Hour
18 count Aida
2 over 1 full cross
162x172, 21895 stitches.
167 stitching hours
Started 31 Aug 2019, finished 9 Feb 2020

This leaves me with 4 items in my rotation, which is the amount I've decided suits me best.  However I really wanted to start a formerly retired chart which was re-released by HAED.  
This is Naida by Winkler

For the first time I'm using easy count pre-gridded fabric in 20ct.   Doing tent stitch 2 over 1. However I am finding the gridlines very faint to see.  I've also bought some 25ct and the gridlines seem much clearer.  However I'll persevere with the 20ct.  
Another reason why I wanted a new start is I wanted to try diagonal stitching and parking instead of cross country.
I did cross country on Witching Hour but at the end found I'd missed a number of stitches and found filling in the gaps time consuming.  

However with starting Naida it has taken my rotation to 5 - too many.  So I have decided to drop Old Friends.  I still love the picture but love my others more.

I've also decided a set rotation, rather than spinning a decision wheel is better for me as I like to work out how much progress I can make rather than leaving it to chance.

So a new rotation will be

29 - 7th of next month - Naida.  to finish in 3 years need 4000 stitches per rotation
8-14th of Month - Sans Souci - estimate will take 8 rotations if can do 2500 stitches per rotation,
15-21st of Month - Healing Rose - estimate will take 13 rotations if do 3000 stitches per rotation. 
22-28 of month - His Eye is on the Sparrow, approx 19 rotations

If I don't do the requisite number of stitches within the dates, then I'll continue stitching until they are met.  However I can average these, so if I do 4500 stitches one month on Naida, then the next month 3500 is acceptable.

This plan means the next project may not start until a few days into its rostered rotation, but continue with it for 7 days.  At the end of the month His Eye is on the Sparrow may have to be shortened.

I'll play with this and see how the required stitch numbers work - they may require tweaking.

If I start this in March, then I should get Sans Souci finished in October this year and I can start December at New year
At this point I'm thinking of trying her on the 25ct

And I should finish Healing Rose in April next year so can then start Morning Sun

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