Saturday, 23 July 2016

Barb pants for gym, Kwiksew plaid shirt

I've got another 2 makes for this post.

The first was a very quick make.  Made from leftover fabric, a green ponte, I made some pants to wear at the gym.  These are using StyleArc's Barb pattern, but shortened so they end just below the knee.

I've worn them a couple of times to the gym now and they are great, very comfortable.

For a long time I've wanted a long sleeve plaid flannel shirt.  My go to New Look6963 shirt pattern doesn't come with a long sleeve, otherwise it would have been perfect.  So I had to look for another pattern.  I found this one by KwikSew 4133.

It is possible to make this without the fancy yoke, as the front piece in contrasting fabric is sewn on top of the main fabric.  However I had some blue chambray left over from a previous project that I decided to use.

The one thing I don't like about this pattern is it has snap fasteners down the button placket and on the sleeves.  I would prefer buttons.  The way they have you make the button placket is like a bias binding, so is 5 layers of fabric, 6 where the yoke is.  I experimented with scraps of fabric to see if my sewing machine could manage buttonholes with this thickness, but it couldn't so I had to go with the snap fasteners and I sewed buttons on top of the placket to give the illusion on real buttons.

Apart from the fastening I like this shirt.  If I make it again I would probably do it without the fancy yoke and I would try to find another way of making the placket so I could do buttons/buttonholes.

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