Saturday, 9 July 2016

BurdaStyle jumpers

I've made another 2 jumpers from BurdaStyle magazines.

The first was from 9/2015 issue from the plus size section #134.

And yet another one from 11/15 issue # 112, the zip shoulder jumper.

The ribbon on the zip shoulder looks blue here, but it is a dark green.

As you can see, they are both the same fabric.  A while back I blogged about my wonderful find at a hospice shop.  This fabric was labelled as approximately 2.5metres.  Well I think it was more like 3 to 3.5 metres, and I had plenty for both the oversized pullover and my new favourite the zip shoulder jumper.

The first pullover is a plus sized jumper with a press stud at the neck and with a polo shirt type collar and gussets under the sleeves.  It has pockets in the side seams and slits at the side seams and also at the cuffs.  My top half is usually a size 42 with Burda, but the plus sizes start at 44.  As this is an oversized sweater anyway, I didn't bother changing it down.  I'm really happy with this.  It will do as a lounging around the house type sweater, and I always like pockets in a top to carry an emergency tissue.  The photo of the back looks as though it has a pleat, but it doesn't. I didn't notice this when I took the photo and can't be bothered re doing the photo.
I did make a mistake with the collar.  The instructions read "stitch along front band edges and collar edge. " I took this to mean the short ends of the collar as well.  However when I came to the instruction that said "insert bottom ends of bands" I realised that by stitching the ends of the collar I had no seam allowance left to insert it and attach to the jumper.  I had to fudge it by trying to stretch out the left collar piece and attach that to the jumper, then stitch the right side of the collar on top of the left side.  I was annoyed with myself, but no one else will probably notice and I know for the next time I do another collar like this.

Total cost for the 2 jumpers was $2.70.

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