Saturday, 24 September 2016

1 disaster and 1 success

well I've had my first true sewing disaster.  A garment I really can't wear - well maybe around the house but that will be all.

I wanted another pair of pants so decided on these flared pants from Burdastyle 12/15 116a.
I usually make size 42, however after my last dress was a bit tight I doubted myself and cut a size 44, thinking I could easily adjust down if needed.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a true fit until I'd sewn in the front fly zipper, such a lot of time went into the fly zipper and I was so pleased with how neatly that turned out I really didn't want to unpick it all.  So when I tried on the trousers I was disappointed to find they were really big.
So I then took them in at the side seams and tried to take in at the crotch.  I've never yet mastered the art of adjusting pants for differing rises in the front and back seams, so I ended up with too a low a rise in the front, resulting in bagging at the front crotch, and too high a rise at the back, resulting in really horrible tight lines across the back of the legs.  Also the legs are quite close fitting at the legs, and I really took them in too far in the thighs.

On top of all that, even though they are too tight with all those drag marks, and the waist is a good fit, the stretch woven fabric has way more stretch in it than I realised and so when I wear them they start falling down.

I'm almost too ashamed to show the photos, but here goes:
too high rise in back, horrible creases on back legs, embarrassing

too low rise in front, saggy crotch, can feel it dragging when walking

side seams too tight at thighs

Fortunately after those I had a sewing success.   This was an asymmetric midi skirt from Burdastyle 8/15 #111AB.  I've made quite a few items from the 8/15 issue and not been disappointed in any.
This was cut on the bias so I was a bit hesitant and very careful not to stretch it out of shape.
This was made with a poly suiting from The Fabric store in Otara and only cost $8 for 2metres x 150cm.  I went back to my size 42 and it fits perfectly.  I love the hi-lo look and it fits lovely in the waist due to front and back darts.
note that invisible, invisible zip!

This was quick to sew up just took 2 afternoons and that includes putting in an invisible zip, which I take a lot of time over.

I'd be happy to make this skirt again.  I think it would look great with an exposed zipper down the back as well as an accent, though don't know if that is something I would do, I quite like tailored looks.

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