Monday, 27 February 2017

BurdaStyle top

My 4th Burdastyle in the Burda challenge for 2017.  This is from the October 2016 issue and is #121a in the magazine.

I made quite a few changes.  In the magazine it is long-sleeved and I wanted a short sleeve top.  As the sleeves are in 2 parts it was easy to just omit the lower part of the sleeve to turn it into a short sleeve top.

On these types of tops I usually find they are too wide across the shoulders and too low, so I did what is now a standard adjustment of adding 1" to the width of the shoulders to bring them in towards the neck, added 1" at the back neckline and added 3" to the front neckline.

In the magazine they called for a fine fabric and the yoke is lined.  Mine was a bit heavier, so I didn't bother lining the yoke so instead I needed to create a front facing, rather than the bias binding neckline I did a back facing also.

Fabric is probably a polyester that I picked up from the Hospice shop.

The front has a front yoke and below is pleated and then stitched down, giving a pintuck type effect.

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