Wednesday, 8 March 2017

New embroidery machine

Last week I got a new embroidery machine.  It is a Janome Memorycraft 500e.  It is embroidery only and has a much bigger embroidery field than my Brother Innovis 950, able to embroider up to 200x280mm or about 7"x11".

Here is the arrival and unpacking.

The machine was a lot bigger than I expected.  I had planned on putting it on my computer desk but it was too big so had to go on my sewing table.  As the computer desk isn't suitable to sit and sew at, this meant I had to get another sewing table, which arrived yesterday.  Here is my new set up, with a video taking a look around my sewing room.

And here are some of the things I've already created using my new machine.

Practicing stitch stacking

A heat pack, made for my mother.

Make up bag, that I'm actually keeping small sewing things in - bobbins, etc
Back of a sweatshirt.

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