Monday, 23 April 2018

StyleArc Winnie

I'm finally starting to sew again.  First up was StyleArc's Winnie funnel neck top for knits. 

This was incredibly quick to sew.  It took me 2 hours.  At least 1/2 hour of that was trying to get my twin needle to work to hem it.  I eventually gave up on the twin needle.  I am getting very tempted to buy a coverstitch machine.

It is very hard to see which is the front and which is the back once it's made up.  So I made my own label and added it.

The knit fabric is very light weight and is probably a bit too light for a funnel neck, so it tends to end up drooping a bit.  But given how easy this is, I love it.  Plus I like the slightly higher neck that keeps my neck warm in the cooler weather without feeling strangled like a turtleneck does.

It has 3 inch hems at the sleeves and bottom.  Next time I'd just do it as a 1/2- 1" hem on the bottom as I'd like it a bit longer.

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