Friday, 13 April 2018

The month from hell

 I haven't posted for a while.  It has been a very difficult month.  My mother passed away unexpectedly.  As well as dealing with the normal grief as executor I have been keeping very busy preparing her house for sale and organising paperwork.  Then on top of all that one of my closest friends had triple bypass surgery and another friends 96 year old mother has had a major stroke.  The next few days are critical for her.

This hasn't left any time for crafting.  The day before my mother passed I had finished my first Colette Moneta.  When I finished it I certainly didn't envisage I'd be wearing it to my Mums funeral.  These photos were taken before Mum died.

This was made from a knit fabric from Smart Dress fabrics.  I can see why this pattern is so popular.  It only took me 4 hours to complete and that included making the collar.  I lengthened both the bodice and the skirt, but don't think I needed to.  In fact next time I'll shorten the bodice back to the original length.  Also the back neckline is a bit low for my personal preference so next time I'll raise the back neckline.  Other than that I do love this pattern. Plus it has pockets.

A couple of friends came over to help with Mams house.  After we went for coffee then visited an antique store.  They had just got a delivery from an estate which included this sewing chest.  They hadn't yet cleaned it up so I got it cheap if I did it up myself.  Since these photos were taken, I've treated it for borer, polished the handles and varnished it. I'm not sure of the type of wood, I think it may be walnut.

It was filled with various odds and ends.

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