Sunday, 3 June 2018

3 tops and a cushion

I made another Itch to Stitch Visby Henly top.

Note to self: open eyes when taking selfie

 After all my mistakes on the last one I wanted to get it right.  I almost did. There are 2 pattern pieces for the placket interfacing.  One is longer if you want to make the hooded version, and a shorter one for the hoodless version.  The interfacing is ironed on to the top, you then stay stitch around it and cut down the centre.  I was making the hoodless version and can you guess what I did, yup I used the longer pattern piece instead of the shorter one.  Now if I'd realised in time I could have just made the placket longer, however I didn't realise until I had serged the placket in place.  So I had a placket and a gap of about an inch in the middle of the top!  Clearly something had to be done.  I managed to sew an extra length to the placket and then sew the large X in a box on top to hide the join.  It doesn't sit exactly right, but it is wearable.

This was made from a knit from SmartDress Fabrics, not sure what composition it was.

I also made another StyleArc Winnie top.  I love how quickly this one sews up.

This time instead of turning up the hem and doing a split hem, I left it at the same length and just did a normal hem.  This results in a longer top and I prefer thelength of this one.

This was made from a wool knit from SmartDress Fabrics.  I made a mistake (yes another one) when cutting the fabric.  I was cutting the above Visby Henly and the Winnie at the same time.  I cut the Visby Henly first and wondered if there was enough fabric left over to make a Itch To Stitch Lago tank (there wasn't).  So I then proceeded to cut out the Winnie from the blue knit.  It wasn't until I'd cut the front and back and thought I thought the funnel neck would be longer, and I looked at the pattern pieces and I'd cut the Lago tank instead of the Winnie.   This meant I no longer had enough fabric to make the Winnie.  Fortunately I had some black ponte in my stash so was able to use that for the sleeves.  I quite like the look of the contrast sleeves, so it worked out well.

This  mistake of course meant that I also had a Lago tank to make.

Once those tops were done I decided it was time for some machine embroidery. I've been wanting to make this reading pillow for a while.

The machine embroidery design is from Stitch Delight and says Today I will take the Time to stop and smell the Roses.

I used a 16" cushion form and made an envelope style back.  I'm making one for myself and one for a gift.

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