Monday, 18 June 2018

Daffodil quilt and Cloth Habit Watson

All the rows of the quilt are now finished and joined together.

Next step is to add the border with Wordsworths' poem "I wandered lonely as a cloud".

I also made the Cloth Habit Watson bra and briefs.  This time I wanted to add foam cups.  The first bra I made was from left over fabric.
The pattern is designed for stretch fabrics, however the foam has no stretch and this ended up way too small.  However the matching briefs are a good fit.
I had another go at the foam cup bra, this time going up a cup size. 
This time the fit is pretty  much spot on.  There is a little gaping where the cup joins the cradle.  I've already altered the pattern, adding a dart to the cradle so next time there shouldn't be any more gaping. The fabric is scuba from Spotlight and I've plenty left over for more briefs. 

I prefer the scuba fabric for these bras.  The top one, made in an ITY was really too flimsy, even though the cradle was interfaced with a tricot interfacing.

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