Wednesday, 7 November 2018

More of the garden, Quilt show and summer PJ's

I finished the squabs and also did some cushion covers for the benches.

Also got my vegetable garden planted.  Still a few more to go in but most of it is done.  From back to front  lettuce spinach and spring onions, cucumber and courgette, 2 tomatoes and capsicum.
I have one final area that needs some work.  This is sheltered at the back of the house and doesn't get much sun. The soil is terrible and with the lack of sun, nothing really grows there.  The last few years I've attempted growing things in pots, but they never thrive and they don't really look very good.  I had in mind some sort of statue.  However so many statues are buddha themes, cutesy, cutesy or remind me of graveyards - you know angels with wings, cute girls.  I found these 2 metal pukekos and thought they would be perfect.  I'll get some bark or mulch to cover the yukky soil.

Last week I went to the quilt show.  These were my two favourite quilts.  The cat won best of show, quite rightly in my opinion.

I made some more Carolyn pyjamas from Closet Case Patterns.  These are made from a very fine cotton lawn that wrinkles horribly.  The fabric is so fine I'm hoping they don't rip when I turn over in bed!  These are for summer so I wanted a short sleeve.  I had enough fabric to make some pj shorts as well as long pants.  There wasn't quite enough, so I used some pink fabric for the cuffs. 

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